Green World Order

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings
having a human experience"

-Teilhard de Chardin

Welcome to the Green World Order.

Its CRUNCH TIME for Planet Earth. Every imaginable indicator is completely "off the scale". Human civilization and a green one world government is not only inevitable but absolutely necessary for planetary and species survival on into the 21st century.

A green world order means a sustainable planetary civilization. It means honoring and respecting the environmental ecology and life-giving nuturance that our biosphere provides for us to live on this earth. That means not destroying, exploiting and permanently fowling our nest.

And, it means a Radical Change in the way humanity grows food, builds and occupies buildings and transports itself from place to place. Fundamanetally, it requires a complete and utter evolution in our way of thinking about our place in nature.

To highlight the multidimensional CRISIS that is NOW upon us:

1. World Population is completely OUT of Control. Human Civilization is now at 7.5 BILLION (as of 2017). The Earth cannot sustain, nor does it have the "carrying capacity", to provide a decent standard of living for this many people. Sustainability figures range from 2-3 billion, tops.
2. Global Environmental Destruction on many fronts, the chief of which is Global Climate Change. This single issue alone will determine whether or not humanity will survive the 21st century. Truely, it is a Planetary Emergency brought about by our dependence and burning of fossil fuels.
3. The Global Water Crisis is similiarily a defining issue that will determine who lives and who dies in the immediate years and decades ahead. Already, massive water deficits and shortages are endemic throughout the world, compounded only more so by growing population numbers and global climatic drought conditions in many countries.
4. Weapons of Mass Destruction are currently still held by many nations across the globe. As social, environmental and demographic stresses increase, so does the threat that these horrible weapons will be unleashed upon the cities and peoples of the world. Currently, there are more than 60,000 muclear weapons on hair-trigger alert in our world.
5. World Hunger, Starvation, Famine, Disease and Pestilence takes the lives of more than 40 million innocent men, women and children across our planet annually. This figure accounts for a level of human death equivalent to more than 7 jewish holocausts occuring EVERY YEAR. By far, this is the greatest human holocaust to ever have occured in all of human history. This has GOT TO STOP, immediately.

Yet, despite the collective world CRISIS that is NOW upon us, there is NOW the Global OPPORTUNITY to create a Green World Order:

All of the forementioned crises' and problems can be solved forever by building a green sustainable world civilization.

That means a number of things; some of which include, replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, anti-gravity, geothermal, tidal and biomass and conserving what fossil fuels we have left, using them primarily for the transition to a free energy society. Furthermore, this also includes constructing massive arrays of solar photovoltaic panels and wind farms in windy areas to provide electricity for a growing fleet of electric vehicles and electric run homes and businesses. The introduction of anti-gravity propulsion in and of itself will revolutionize nearly every facet of society, lifting all boats and providing limitless free energy for all, eliminating our current energy scarcity paradigm.

With artificial energy scarcity removed, hydrocarbon pollution and international conflict to acquire fossil fuels will end, eliminating the need for weapons of mass destruction. With a higher standard of living thereby available for all, the elimination of poverty, disease, overpopulation and deprivation can quickly become a reality. Environmental sustainability and respect for the livelihood of future generations can become one of the central organizing principles of an evolved and advanced world civilization. Water, food, soil and air conservation and the sustainable use of these precious resources can become a reality as we learn to apply the proper stewardship skills that will be necessary for our continued survival on this planet.

A Green World Order will recycle, conserve and intelligently use what finite natural resources we have been endowed with on our planet. One of the primary goals will be to minimally and sustainably provide all the comforts, needs and living necessities to all members of the human family. We must, therefore, aim for a complete end of suffering and depravation within all levels of society. It will mean educating humanity with established principles of enviromental management and a learned respect for the sacredness of all life on Earth, not just human. Organic farming will replace fossil fuel agriculture. Cities of more than 100,000 residents will become a thing of the past as regional "carrying capacity" limits are achieved in site specific areas throughout the nations. Family planning- perhaps a one child per family law- will stabilize world population figures to sustainable levels. Free and decentralized energy sources will liberate humanity from many facets of scarcity and toil. Limitless transportation modes will eliminate the need for urban sprawl and the desperate acquisition of property, food, resources and comfort at the expense of the commons and the deprived.

Everything can be achieved with the GREAT SHIFT to a green planetary civilization and a green world order.

Let us therefore enter into an advanced PLANETARY civilization, there is absolutely no time to waste.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
California USA

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